Meet Our Staff

Mission Statement

To bring hope to people of all ages, and all races and to lead them to Jesus Christ by extending love and mercy.  


Pastoral Family: Kenneth & Sherry Coffman      Darrel & Dayna

Pastor Kenneth W. Coffman of St. Louis, MO attended Apostolic Pentecostal Church of 13th and Gravois, pastored by Rev. Winfred Black during his childhood and teen years.  After attending Gateway College of Evangelism in St. Louis, MO he married Sherry Hamilton of Terre Haute, Indiana. 
 He was ordained into pulpit ministry on July 8, 1983 and became affiliated with the Apostolic Ministerial Alliance.  In 1994 Pastor Coffman became a part of the United Pentecostal Church organization of ministers.

The Coffman's served as Youth Leaders, Sunday school teachers, van ministry leaders and musicians for many years before assuming the pastorate of what was then known as Whitcomb Heights Apostolic Church in September of 1992.

Pastor Coffman has preached at churches throughout Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Mississippi.  He has also taught at the Indiana U.P.C. I. Sunday school camps.  His anointed preaching and insightful teaching has helped encourage and strengthen many souls for God's kingdom.  Many have been converted, resulting in numerous water baptisms and Holy Ghost outpourings.

Pastor Coffman continues to serve the music ministry by playing the saxophone, and Sherry the organ and keyboards.  They have two adult children, Darrel and Dayna who are actively involved in kingdom work at Promiseland.  Dayna leads in the Children of Promise children's choir, teaches Sunday school and is involved in Youth and "Silent Praise", a ministry for the deaf.  Darrel leads in worship, teaches, leads in Superchurch ministry and also plays the drums and trumpet.

About the Church

"The Church on the hill", as it has been called, has been a Pentecostal Church for more than 70 years. It's one of the oldest Apostolic Pentecostal churches in the area.  Originally identified as; Whitcomb Heights Apostolic Church because of it's location in the center of the Whitcomb Heights community of West Terre Haute, IN at 2400 Silvan Road.
Property was secured across the road and ground breaking took place in the spring of 1972.  The first building became the "Lunchroom" and with joy and eager anticipation, the move to the new building began.

The first official service in the new building brought an attendance of over 160 souls.  Thereafter many regular services on Sunday mornings, evenings, Tuesday Youth Nights and Thursday Bible Studies, along with many revivals, fellowship meetings and youth rallies served to help keep the Pentecostal fires burning brightly. 

Bro. Hamilton taught and exampled separation from the world, holy living and godliness of attitude, character and morals.  He and his wife, Francis steadfastly proclaimed the truth of the One God, Jesus Name baptism Bible doctrine, never wavering from the foundation given by the Apostles in the book of Acts in the Holy Bible.

They served along with their five children for over twenty eight years.  Linda and Debbie gave of their services by playing the piano, organ and accordion and singing special songs.  Debbie sang with her mother and also in trio groups occasionally.  Linda was the church organist and Sunday school teacher.   

Wayne served by playing the drums for a space of time as a young teen and later as a teacher. Sherry also played the organ, and sang solos.  David was musically talented as well, playing joyfully on the drums and singing solos.

Sis. Francis Hamilton was blessed with a family heritage of Pentecostal believers. Her parents were also involved in kingdom work and her younger brother currently pastors a thriving church in our area.  Two of her brothers and younger sister all contributed their time and resources in different aspects at Whitcomb Heights during the Hamilton’s pastoral tenure.

Over the years many changes have been made to the buildings and campus of the church.  The original Church has progressed from “Lunchroom” to “Fellowship Hall”, to “Sunday school rooms”.  To designate the building by name, we dubbed it “First Church”, as it has served in so many ways, most recently as a multi purpose building giving us more room for the various Children's Ministries of the church.  In 1998, the church purchased the property behind the current church building.  This property has a small house that was rented out for a few years.  Because of our growth, after our last tenant moved out, we began a food and clothing ministry to help those in need and called this place our “Blessing House”.  After a space of time, due to our Sunday Morning Impact ministry’s expansion, it has been necessary to put this ministry “on hold” and to use the house to accommodate our Children and Youth ministries.

The sanctuary was remodeled and expanded in 2004 which gave us more seating, but more space is currently needed!

We are affiliated with the United Pentecostal Church International

Our Plans

We plan to grow numerically and spiritually in our walk with Christ.  All people are welcome and wanted at our church.  We believe in taking an active part in reaching out to others and showing them love and mercy while fasting and praying for their salvation.  We also believe we must be available in ways other than a typical church service.  With this in mind, we plan activities and events that will place us in situations where “good clean fun” is encouraged.  This is described more in our Discipleship Ministry.

It is also necessary to plant the Word of God so we can grow spiritually.  This helps us to be better citizens and more capable of handling the difficulties of life.   We teach Bible principles and do our very best to be an example of true Christianity. 

Teaching and preaching takes place during Sunday Morning Impact, Sunday Nite Live, Evangelism Ministry and during midweek Bible Class sessions

Plans are on the drawing board for adding more space to accommodate our growing congregation.  Our current church campus includes the church building, ‘Schoolhouse’, and 1st Church which houses classrooms, and a rental house.  We have also purchased an old restaurant establishment located about one mile southeast from the church.  This building has been dubbed “The Blessing House”.  More information on this is under our Outreach Ministry.

Guideline to Fullfill our Mission Statement

We will find the un-found; we will touch the untouched.

We will help preserve the family unity through marriage, youth, parenting, and Children’s programs.

We will satisfy the hungry with physical and spiritual food.

We will quench spiritual thirst with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We will make every stranger soon feel like family.

We will comfort the sick through prayer and visitation.

We will give the imprisoned hope of a new life through Jesus Christ.

We will help shape our community through reaching out to our neighbors, being good citizens and cooperating with our Community Leaders, Mayor, Police Chief and City Council using Biblical methods.

We will grow a healthy congregation becoming a major influence in our city and around the world.

We will specialize in the use of arts; i.e. drama, music, etc. as a ministry tool.

We will influence the Nation to follow “Biblical principles for success” using audio and videotapes, books, World Wide Web, (Internet) and printed material.

We will reach, teach and unite all major people groups of our county through intercultural ministries as much as we are able.

We will oppose prejudices by extending dignity and encouraging self-esteem to people of all ages, race, ethnicity, and gender.

We will encourage Christians to be committed church members and equip every member to be involved in a ministry.

We will provide effective ministries that are age appropriate and relevant to the unique needs of each specific season of life.

We will train and send forth qualified leaders to plan and grow Ministries thus extending the vision of this house to other communities of the world